Frequently asked questions

How do you start the treadmill ?

All you need to do is get on the Sprintbok and use your legs. No setup or start buttons are necessary to start or to stop it.

What are the differences between running on the Sprintbok and running on a conventional motorised treadmill ?

There are three main differences

  • On the Sprintbok you build up muscle much faster as there is no motor, only your legs are working out.
  • On a conventional treadmill, 35% of users suffer from injuries because the motor imposes its rhythm to the user. With the Sprintbok, you decide at what speed you want to run and the slats absorb impacts and vibrations.
  • When running on the Sprintbok, your speed and sensations are very close to those experienced in natural running. On the contrary, on a motorised treadmill, the indicated speed reflects the motor’s speed, and is therefore biased.

Does the curved shape give the impression of running uphill ?

No, you will never have the impression of running uphill. The treadmill simply gives the impression of running on a flat surface.

Is there a protection to be put on the wooden flanks ?

No, the flanks are covered with a double layer of polyurethane varnish. They are therefore protected from acidity in users’ sweat or drops of water that could fall from users’ water bottles.

Can the Sprintbok be used outdoors ?

Why not, if it is nice weather! However, we do not recommend you to use it outdoors in humid weather or to get sand on it, which could damage the mechanism.

How should I maintain/take care of Sprintbok ?

The Sprintbok does not require any particular maintenance or care. We like to call it a zero maintenance manual curved treadmill. Every piece is greased for life so there is nothing you have to do. You may want to remove the dust with a microfiber cloth and a wet wipe to clean the railings.

What is the Sprintbok’s lifespan ?

The Sprintbok is made with top quality materials. Every piece that composes it are verified manually one by one. From the different tests we have put the treadmill through, we estimate it can be used 10 hours a day for as long as 10 years.

Is there a warranty on the Sprintbok ?

Our treadmill has a warranty of 5 years with regards to the structure, 3 years for the components and 2 years for the electrical parts.

Does the running surface work back and forwards ?

For security reasons, the running surface only goes one way: from the front to the rear.

Is there a risk of falling off the Sprintbok? ?

If you follow the instructions in our user manual, there is no risk of falling off and hurting oneself.

Can the slats break ?

No, they are very resistant. The slats are made out of birch plywood. Moreover, when you run on the Sprintbok, whatever your weight is, the pressure is distributed over several slats at a time.

Why is the Sprintbok expensive ?

This manual treadmill is designed for professional use and therefore intense use. In comparison, motorised treadmills that equip gyms, cost between 10 000 and 20 000 euros. Furthermore, the Sprintbok is entirely built in France (Strasbourg) while 95% of treadmills sold nowadays are manufactured in Asia.